W.A. Frost

W.A. Frost is the stop for delicious local food, and now- delicious Bare Honey!

WA Frost has always emphasized family farms and locally sourced foods. (Which is why Bare Honey makes a great addition to the ingredient list!) Of course, they didn’t start that practice because it’s good for the environment. They did it because it was the only way to get the quality of ingredients that deserve to be on your plate.

That means that the menu will change seasonally. When a restaurant source locally, the menus adapt to the growing and harvesting season. What the farmers recommend is what the chef uses. This way, the farmers benefit, the chef benefits, and your palate is teased with experiences that used to be reserved for royalty. Let Chef Matt Kemp create something amazing to share with you, now featuring Bare Honey!

A cozy spot in Saint Paul


W.A. Frost
374 Selby Avenue
Saint Paul, MN, 55102
Phone: 651-224-5715

Featured product

4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive) Pick up in Spring 2020

Looking to replace lost colonies, or just start strong? Nucs are now on sale for spring pick-up. Do it with winter hardy Bare Honey bees! All Nucleus Colonies include a winter hardy queen bred for mite tolerance and overwintering ability.

4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive)  Pick up in Spring 2020