Mississippi Market West Seventh

Mississippi Market West Seventh

Bare Honey creamed honeys and spreads are a great healthy treat at Mississippi Market.


  • A grocery selection featuring local, organic, fair-trade and non-GMO products.

  • Fresh produce of the highest quality, including certified organic and locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

  • A fully-staffed meat and seafood counter – our in-house butchers are able to do special cuts and special orders. We are proud to source our meat from trusted local farmers and producers.

  • A wellness section offering healthy and body care products to support your healthy lifestyle.

  • A full-service natural foods deli and juice bar, complete with salad bar, rotating hot food buffet and grab-n-go made items made for you, by us.

  • Indoor and outdoor seating

  • Free wifi

  • Classroom, complete with kitchen for cooking classes open to the public

Bare Honey at your hometown market!

Mississippi Market West Seventh


Mississippi Market West Seventh
1500 W. 7th Street
Saint Paul , MN, 55102
Phone: 651-690-0507

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4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive) Pick up in Spring 2020

Looking to replace lost colonies, or just start strong? Nucs are now on sale for spring pick-up. Do it with winter hardy Bare Honey bees! All Nucleus Colonies include a winter hardy queen bred for mite tolerance and overwintering ability.

4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive)  Pick up in Spring 2020