Joan's in the Park

Foodie find in Saint Paul, MN

Joan’s in the Park opened in September 2011. They are a 40 seat, white tablecloth restaurant with the goal of providing a high quality dining experience in a casual neighborhood setting.

They focus on ingredients that originate close to home and close to the heart.  Our raw materials come from top quality sources — most are organic and straight from the farm. The à la carte-style menu offers an assortment of starters, salads, mains, sides, and desserts and consistently changes with the season and inspiration. Bare Honey is now one of these locally sourced, high quality ingredients found in the foods from Joan's in the Park

Joan's in the Park is a from-scratch kitchen, which means most things, including the bread, fresh cheeses, butter, sauces, and desserts are made in house on a daily basis. They are nontraditional in the sense that our main heat source comes from large deck ovens. There is no broiler, sauté station or fryer in the restaurant.

The staff's true passion lies in providing warm hospitality.  Hard work is done to make every guest’s experience a unique and memorable one.

Delicious honey in your favorite dishes.


Joan's in the Park
631 Snelling Ave S
Saint Paul , MN, 55116
Phone: 651-690-3297

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