Highlandville Honey Farm

Highlandville, Iowa

As fate would have it, Joel Fassbinder, owner and beekeeper of Highlandville Honey Farm, became part of the Bare Honey family by way of a playground chat. Turns out, Joel’s best friend’s kids go to the same preschool as Dustin & Grace’s kids. A quick conversation while pushing the little ones on the swings resulted in a perfect buzzing connection. Ever since, Highlandville Honey has been providing beautiful honey comb to Bare Honey customers that just can’t get enough.

As the son and nephew of two big Iowa beekeepers, Joel always dreamed of making it back to his home state to keep the family tradition alive. When Rachel got a teaching opportunity in their old stomping grounds, they said goodbye to Pennsylvania and happily settled in the country outside of Decorah (near the village of Highlandville) in 2014, soon after, growing their apiary to 130 hives and their family to 4!

Joel and Rachel absolutely love the life that their environmentally focused careers provide, and they are happy to see Iowa’s growing efforts to protect and preserve the habitat they love. At home, Joel is seeing bumblebees bumbling in larger numbers, bergamot blossoming like it once did, and organic farms providing safe areas for his bees to continue making delicious raw honey.


Highlandville Honey Farm


Highlandville Honey Farm
613 Park St
Decorah, IA, 52101

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