Fieldstone Apriary

Elko New Market, MN

Bees really do bring people together, and in the case of Eli & Dale, nothing could be more true! Following many zigs and zags from her home in the UK, Eli landed in Iowa of all places. She took up beekeeping as a hobby, and quickly joined a class to gain as much knowledge as she could. Dale, of course, was also in this class, and the rest is history. After a few years of helping each other learn the ins and outs of raising bees separately, they decided to join theirs hives and their lives together. 

Eli and Dale took a leap of faith, and in 2012 they started beekeeping full time. They said goodbye to their old jobs, and became very involved members of the Iowa Honey Producers Association. Both Eli and Dale give back to the pollinator community in as many ways as they can, enjoying opportunities through mentorship and education to share their knowledge and love of bees.

In 2014, Eli and Dale made the move up to Minnesota to be closer to family. Now, with well over 300 hives, the dynamic duo at Fieldstone Apiary continues to produce amazing True Source Certified local honey that helps make Bare Honey so sweet. They encourage you and your neighbors to plant pollinator friendly flowers so that our Minnesota bees can have the best home possible!

Eli and Dale of Fieldstone Apiary

Fieldstone Apriary


Fieldstone Apriary
Elko New Market, MN, 55020
Phone: 952-461-4728

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