Silver Creek Ranch

Silver Creek Ranch

Maple Lake, Minnesota

Silver Creek is home to the Midwest Western Drassage organization. MWWD trains horses and riders in the art of Western Drassage. Silver Creek also becomes a temporary home to rescue horses, in need of a bit of R&R. Ranch owner, Jen Johnson, breeds beautiful Friesian horses, as well as training rescue horses and riders. 

Jen cultivates a large plot of alfalfa to support the winter diet of her equine residents.  Our bees feast on alfalfa blossom nectar throughout the summer. Other local flowers that add to the delectable collage of flavors that make up silver creek honey are, tart Montmorency cherry, golden rod and fireweed blossom. The resulting honey is ultra light in color and flavor. It disappears almost as fast as we can harvest it. So, keep your eyes peeled for this one. 

Silver Creek Ranch


Silver Creek Ranch
Jen Johnson
9222 Endicott Avenue Northwest
Maple Lake, MN, 55358

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