Oak Ridge Conference Center

Oak Ridge Conference Center

Chaska, Minnesota

 Situated on 130 acres of lush meadows and miles of peaceful woodland trails, only 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. We are proud to team with Dolce Hotels and Resorts, a beacon of social and environmental responsibility.  The Oak Ridge green space is not exposed to the harsh pesticides and herbicides you might expect. This provides a healthy oasis for our bees to live and thrive. 

Oak Ridge Conference Center's Executive Chef, Virgil Emmert, has invited Bare Honey make a home on a secluded corner of their green space. Chef Emmert's commitment to the local foods movement has put him in the lead of a movement within the Dolce groups international affiliates. 

Oak Ridge provides our bees with a varied source of wildflowers, including raspberry, goldenrod, clover, and basswood. The abundance of nectar sources available to our bees provides them with the ingredients to produce a Meritage honey which represents the remarkable terroir of the metro region. 

Executive Chef, Virgil Emmert

Oak Ridge Conference Center


Oak Ridge Conference Center
Chef Virgil Emmert
1 Oak Ridge Drive
Chaska, MN, 55318

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