Mhonpaj's Garden

Mhonpaj's Garden

Oakdale , MN

Mhonpaj Lee and her parents operate this unique farm. They grow over 30 varieties of vegetables and herbs and sell through local grocery stores, area farmers markets, and community supported agriculture shares. They are the first Hmong-owned certified organic CSA in Minnesota.

Mhonpaj takes care of the business side of the operation, while her parents May and Chue Lee oversee the growing and harvesting of their produce. The Lees are not only farmers, but also educators.  They provide community education workshops on Hmong vegetables and the Hmong diet.

Mhonpaj has welcomed Bare Honey to their Stillwater area farm. Our bees enjoy the exotic Hmong herbs as well as many acres of alfalfa blossom. Also, nearby orchards provide a rare chance to collect apple blossom honey early in the spring. 

You can find the beautiful produce from Mhonpaj's Garden at White Bear Lake Farmers Market, St. Paul Farmers Market, Mill City Farmers Market and Mahtomedi Area Farmers Market. 

Mhonpaj's Garden


Mhonpaj's Garden
1709 Heron Lane N
Oakdale, MN, 55128

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