Footjoy Farm

Footjoy Farm

Sparta, Wisconsin

Near and dear to our hearts, but oh so far from St. Paul, is Footjoy Farm. It is located on the northern border of the driftless region, in the rolling sandstone hills of Monroe County, Wis. We are always trying to find more reasons to make the trip to Footjoy. If we aren't going to check on the bees or to get produce, it's for the great scenery or just to see Chad and his beautiful family.

Chad Forsberg (owner) grew up south of Minneapolis and began growing vegetables there. It was an interest in self-sustenance and sustainability with a concern for world food security that propelled him into agriculture. It was in the Twin Cities where he began working with local chefs to provide them with the finest produce possible, searching out rare, unusual, beautiful heirloom vegetables of all kinds. Footjoy Farm's produce is loved and used widely throughout the best restaurants in the cities, and it is this same produce that you will receive each week in your CSA share.
Foot Joy's CSA season starts in early June and runs 20+ weeks. The season begins with salad greens, radishes, green garlic, ramps, peas, cooking greens and rhubarb, but soon includes zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, turnips, beets, chard, beans, snow peas, fingerling potatoes, shallots, onions, cabbage, kohlrabi, herbs, melons, lots of heirloom tomatoes, winter squash, sunchokes, and always, lots of garlic.  

Throughout the season there may be other treats that find their way into the shares when they are available, such as wild mushrooms, alpine yellow strawberries, raw honey, cuke nuts, dry beans or anything else delicious that may be grown or foraged. 

Little Miss Saphire

Footjoy Farm


Footjoy Farm
Chad M. Forsberg
5512 Canine Road
Sparta, WI, 54656
Phone: 608-272-3821

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