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Bee Pollen Infused Honey, 10 oz Jar

Bee Pollen Infused Honey, 10 oz Jar

Loaded with fresh pollen, collected by bees, to give a new spin on honey. Raw honey was great before, but now it is loaded with even more antioxidants, nutrients, amino acids and protein for your morning smoothie! Bee Pollen Infused Honey has been infused with a mix of spring, summer and fall pollens collected from our hives throughout the entire growing season. Local raw honey is renowned for its allergy remediation benefits, due to the small amount of pollens that are naturally present in the honey. Research published in the International Archives of Allergy and Immunology in May 2011, found that patients consuming honey containing the pollen which they are allergic to gained significant control of their allergy symptoms, more so than patients using convention allergy medicine. I guess mother nature has always known best! This is a temperature sensitive product, and will melt if left in a warm area or harden if frozen. Please accept your USPS delivery inside as soon as possible.

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