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***Now taking orders for 2019***4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive)

***Now taking orders for 2019***4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive)

Each Honeybee Colony will include: 4 frames of bees, eggs, sealed brood, honey, and pollen. Each colony also contain 1 in-frame feeder to get your colony off to a strong start. All winter hardy queens are bred in 2019 from overwintered mother hives right here in Minnesota. Because of the late breeding season in Minnesota, hives will be available for pick up from two locations: Hastings, MN or Buffalo, MN. Due to the nature of agriculture's dependance on weather, the exact date of pick up will be announced as the date nears. In most years this date is set to the 1st or 2nd weekend in June. These Nucs are a sure way to start a strong honey producing colony. Where package bees can easily fail, nucs exceed expectations. The presence of a fully accepted queen, and sealed brood will have your hives boiling with worker bees in time for the nectar flow.

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