Our Family

Our Family

After working in the food and agricultural industry for nearly 20 years, owners and creators Dustin and Grace, have learned a thing or two about taste. The pair of foodies discovered each other in 2004, and soon realized they had found love at first bite. After being blessed with two beautiful children, their heart melting munchkins solidified their mission: create wholesome meals that not only taste great, but are also healthy for their family and the environment.

Their love for food and the outdoors has led them from the farms they grew up on, to the front lines of the most well known kitchens and bakeries, to the farthest reaches of the globe, and back to the fields and orchards of their home state. Dustin, head beekeeper and head chef extraordinaire, combined with Grace, pastry and marketing master of all things sweet, makes for an unstoppable team.

Not only are these two whipping up the most delicious local honey Minnesota has ever tasted, but they also utilize Bare Honey as a platform to raise awareness and funds for the growing needs of our pollinators, all while bringing together other local bee farmers who share the same important mission.

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Our Family

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4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive) Pick up in Spring 2020

Looking to replace lost colonies, or just start strong? Nucs are now on sale for spring pick-up. Do it with winter hardy Bare Honey bees! All Nucleus Colonies include a winter hardy queen bred for mite tolerance and overwintering ability.

4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive)  Pick up in Spring 2020