Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic

Treatment free. No Chemicals. No Pesticides. No Antibiotics. No GMOs.

While organizing our company, we began to research the possibility of becoming organically certified honey producers. What we discovered was troubling. Despite the many jars of organic honey that we had seen on the shelves of our local markets, we discovered that the USDA does not have an organic standard for honey. In fact, the USDA has turned a blind eye to the many private companies willing to sell organic certification for a fee.

We do not use any chemicals or pesticides in our hives, like many beekeepers do. Dustin's research as a student at the University of Minnesota led him to discover many harmful chemical residues that are found in your average super market honey. These residues are left from the antibiotic and chemical treatment of hives for pests and disease. We knew that our honey was special, since our bees produced honey on equipment that has never been exposed to any chemicals or pesticides whatsoever.

We have chosen to join a community of beekeepers that are breeding stronger bees rather than medicating weak ones. We are following a path of sustainable honey production. Working with the natural rhythm of our bees' life cycle, we are able to produce a honey far healthier than the supermarket alternative. Our honey is completely free from the dangerous chemical and antibiotic residues used by most beekeepers today.

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Beyond Organic

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4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive) Pick up in Spring 2020

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4 Frame Starter Colony, (Nuc Hive)  Pick up in Spring 2020